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Babcock prototype
Early unsuccessful rail mite prototype built by John Babcock, powered by a McCoy .19 engine.

Babcock Rail Mite
Martin Flash Rail Mite
Rail Mites
A small number of post-war mite cars were raced on high-banked oval-shaped rail tracks.  But almost all rail tracks were designed for the larger .60-size cars and were not well suited to the smaller, less powerful mite cars.

Nonetheless, rail mite racing enjoyed some limited popularity across the country and a few mite cars designed specifically for rail track racing were produced.  Other rail mites were simply mite size tether cars which were converted for use on rail tracks.
Proxied to a 3rd place finish in the 1950 Rail Mite Nationals by Curly Glover, powered by a McCoy .19 engine

Rail adapters bolted to a Martin Flash pan, powered by a McCoy .09 engine

Vanneman / Real McCoy
Jack Vanneman's personal Real McCoy mite car modified for competition on rail tracks

Carlson .09 Rail Mite
Carlson .29 Rail Mite
John Carlson's personal Carlson .09 Rail Mite, powered by a McCoy .09 engine

John Carlson-designed magnesium pan, based on a nearly identical Carlson tether car pan, powered by a Dooling .29 engine

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