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Dokey Mite
Designed and built by Joe Ellis, Sr., track record holder, powered by a McCoy .19 engine

Scat Cat
Martin .29 "Long Tail"
Post-World War II
Designed and produced by Bob Snodgrass of Pac-A-Lite Mfg. Co., powered by a McCoy .19 engine

The last mite car designed by Tony Martin, powered by a Franny Wolf modified Dooling .29  engine

Papina Mite
One of only two originally built by Al Papina, powered by a McCoy .19 engine

Allen Mite
Davis-Carlson Mite
One of only three originally built by Howard Allen,  powered by a McCoy .19 engine with spur gear drive

John Carlson's personal AMRCA national champion D-C Mite, powered by a Hornet .199 engine

A resurgence in interest in mite car racing followed immediately after World War II.  The availability of  inexpensive toy race cars (like the Cox Thimble Drome Champion) and small glow model engines spurred renewed interest in mite car racing.

Smaller tether tracks designed specifically for  mite cars sprang up across the country, and weekend races became a part of the social fabric of the country.

As better tires became available, and as cars became more streamlined, speeds increased and competition heated up.
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Yonaites Mite
McCoy .29 powered, built and raced by Constantine "Gus" Yonaites, later raced by Felix Kunke.