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I am an active mite car collector and I am always looking for interesting additions to my collection.

In addition, I usually have a small number of cars which are for sale.  Several of those cars are shown on the right.

Please contact me if you have a car which you wish to sell.  I may be able to put you in contact with a potential buyer.

And, if you are interested in purchasing a car, even if you don't see it here, please contact me.  I may be able to locate a car for you.

        If you would like more information about tether 
        cars in general, or mite cars in particular...

        Or, if you have a car which you wish to sell...

        Or, if you would like to purchase a car...

Contact Us
.19 engine

​Gohl Modellbau Mercedes Benz 300 SL
Dooling F-type, circa 1946, all original, un-drilled and un-cut, as found