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Built from plans published in Model Craftsman magazine, powered by a 1940 Brownie .29  spark ignition engine
Hasselbach Special
Midget Monsoon
Pre-World War II 
When it was founded in 1940, the American Miniature Racing Car Association (AMRCA) separated competitive race cars into two classes:  Class A for engines smaller than .36 cubic inches, and Class B for engine sizes between .36 and .625 cubic inches.

Almost all pre-war mite cars (i.e. Class A) were raced on tether tracks  and were typically powered by spark ignition engines.

While mite car racing had a few proponents when AMRCA was founded, its popularity soon faded prior to the start of World War II.
Cast aluminum top and pan, custom rear wheel drive unit, powered by a pre-war Forster .29 spark ignition engine
Wood body, alloy frame, front wheel friction drive,  powered by an Ohlsson .23 spark ignition engine
Peerless Standard Model, wood body, powered by a pre-war Forster .29 spark ignition engine
Hulse Hustler
Dooling PeeWee
Designed, built and raced by Dick Hulse, AMRCA national champion 1940-41, powered by a Thermite .36 spark ignition engine
Originally owned by Bill Atwood, this as-run Dooling PeeWee is powered by a Phantom P-30 engine.
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Wasp Special
Produced in kit form by Wasp Model Supply in 1938, powered by a .299 cubic inch Hi-Speed 'Torpedo' spark ignition engine with bevel gear drive.
"Barney" Lathrop Mite
Home-built mite car built by "Barney" Lathrop in 1942, powered by a Bunch Mighty Midget spark ignition engine.
B.B. Korn Series 29
Designed by "Barney" Korn in 1948, sold in kit form, powered by a K&B Torpedo .29 spark ignition engine.