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Midget Monsoon
Pre-World War II 
When it was founded in 1940, the American Miniature Racing Car Association (AMRCA) separated competitive race cars into two classes:  Class A for engines smaller than .36 cubic inches, and Class B for engine sizes between .36 and .625 cubic inches.

Almost all pre-war mite cars (i.e. Class A) were raced on tether tracks  and were typically powered by spark ignition engines.

While mite car racing had a few proponents when AMRCA was founded, its popularity soon faded prior to the start of World War II.
Wood body, alloy frame, front wheel friction drive,  powered by an Ohlsson .23 spark ignition engine
Peerless Standard Model, wood body, powered by a pre-war Forster .29 spark ignition engine
Hulse Hustler
Dooling PeeWee
Designed, built and raced by Dick Hulse, AMRCA national champion 1940-41, powered by a Thermite .36 spark ignition engine
Originally owned by Bill Atwood, this as-run Dooling PeeWee is powered by a Phantom P-30 engine.
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Wasp Special
Produced in kit form by Wasp Model Supply in 1938, powered by a .299 cubic inch Hi-Speed 'Torpedo' spark ignition engine with bevel gear drive.
"Barney" Lathrop Mite
Home-built mite car built by "Barney" Lathrop in 1942, powered by a Bunch Mighty Midget spark ignition engine.