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Martin Flash Rail Mite
Produced by Martin Engineering Co.
The dominant position which the .19-size Martin Flash held for several years in tether car racing is well documented.  But, Chicago was also a hot-bed for post-war rail track racing, and Chicago's Anthony "Tony" Martin didn't rest on his laurels as a successful tether car builder.

Using the .19-size Martin Flash as the basis, Martin modified the pan for rail track racing by adding bolt-on rail guide mounts and positioning them where the early versions of the Martin Flash tether car had mounted bridle brackets.

Many of these Martin Flash rail mites were powered by McCoy .09 engines and raced on an indoor rail track located in the basement of the field house in Chicago's Calumet Park.

The red #00 car shown at the top of the photos is a McCoy .09 powered Martin Flash rail mite with a second-model Martin Flash top.

The white car shown in the lower left photo is also a McCoy .09 powered Martin Flash rail mite, but it is equipped with a Yonaites top which is much lower than the second-model Martin Flash  top.

The blue car  (lower right photo) is an as-raced McCoy .19 powered Martin Flash rail mite equipped with the early style Martin Flash top.